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Engineering performance


AUTOLEUM, manufactured in Germany is car care chemicals providing a new, complete and well balanced program. Thanks to innovative research and development AUTOLEUM is the key to affordable yet extremely dependable quality products.


By taking a proactive approach towards your engines maintenance, you can help inhibit its aging process and extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle.  AUTOLEUM products are designed to meet your engine life enhancing needs. Whether it’s to improve engine power, increase fuel economy or maximize protection, you will find this product serving your purpose. A product which will help you get the best out of your car’s fuel, cooling and oil systems. Before you consider any expensive and possibly unnecessary repairs, consider that the solution may be as simple as using the correct car care chemicals and additives. At all times and in all conditions, we go one step ahead beyond your expectations

Fuel Treatment
Cleans while you drive

Today’s advanced engines need advanced protection and protection does not come much more advanced than AUTROLEUM’s Fuel Treatment. By adding it to fuel, you ensure the very highest levels of engine power and performance while ensuring potential problems are eliminated before they even begin. AUTOLEUM’s carefully balanced formula not only cleans dirty carburetors and clogged fuel injectors but also prevents fuel system corrosion, eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation while improving combustion.

  • Cleans valves, carburetors and clogged injectors

  • Improves combustion

  • Prevents fuel system corrosion

Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases

Gasoline Injector and Carburetor Cleaner
Restores performance in a single tank filling

Fuel injectors and Carburetor systems are delicate and sensitive devices. Unless they are kept perfectly clean, they are unlikely to perform with the precision demanded of them by today’s engines. However with AUTOLEUM’s Gasoline Injector and Carburetor Cleaner this is never a problem. Using an advanced detergent Formula, designed to clean in a single tank filling as you drive ensures optimnum engine power and fuel economy, while eliminating the possibility of starting problems and engine hesitation.

  • Thoroughly cleans injectors, carburetors and the entire gasoline supply system

  • Eliminates valve sticking

  • Prevents deposits of gums, varnish and sludge

  • Eliminates rough idling, hesitation and knocking


Suitable for all gasoline (leaded or unleaded) engines. Completely safe for use with catalytic converters. Treats upto 60 litres of gasoline.

Diesel  Fuel Treatment
Reduces operational costs by lowering fuel consumption and maintenance expenditures

AUTOLEUM diesel additives are formulated with a multi purpose package of highly effective additives and detergents. These additives and detergents prevent fuel system corrosion and wear. By reducing carbon deposits these additives and detergents also prevent needles from seizing. AUTOLEUM’s Diesel Treatment improves starting performance and contains an advanced formula lubricity additive and strong cetane improver.

  • Cleans the entire fuel system including injectors

  • preventing fuel system corrosion.

  • Increases Cetane number, restoring power and performance

  • Contains a lubricity additive to lubricate the diesel pump in case of low Sulphur diesel fuel   

Diesel Injector Cleaner
Cleans critical engine parts while you drive

When the fuel injectors in diesel engines are contaminated or clogged, engine performance and fuel economy are soon affected. AUTOLEUM’s Diesel Injector Cleaner is a fast, easy and effective way to solve the problem – and prevent the chance of it recurring. Simply add it to the diesel fuel and it will quickly restore maximum power as you drive. Not only will AUTOLEUM’s Diesel Injector Cleaner reduce rough Idling, you will also find it improves fuel economy, reduces smoke emissions and inhibits corrosion.

  • Thoroughly cleans diesel fuel injectors

  • Decreases operational cost by lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs

  • Improves starting performance and eliminates knocking under partial loads

  • Contains a highly effective lubricity agent to lubricate the fuel pump


For all diesel engines (incl. common rail) with or without turbochargers running on low or normal Sulphur level diesel fuels. Treats up to 60 litres of diesel fuel.

Engine Flush
Ten-minute engine spring cleaning.

Occasionally it’s important to give your engine an internal spring cleaning; removing sticky deposits enabling fresh oil to circulate properly and optimally. That is the purpose of engine flush. However, many engine flushes are too harsh, attacking deposits so vigorously that dislodged residues block critical oil passages.

This is not the case with AUTOLEUM’s Engine Flush which is designed to work gently yet effectively, removing deposits to ensure that oil can circulate freely and easily. Ideal for both diesel and petrol powered vehicles.

  • Internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents

  • Eliminates gums, varnish and sludge

  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by restoring engine condition and enabling the fresh oil to perform optimally


Oil Stop Leak
An innovative and effective remedy to an old problem

When oil gets hot it tends to shrink and harden critical seals possibly resulting in oil leaks. Ofcourse when this happens one option is to replace the old seals. There is another much simpler alternative – add AUTOLEUM’s Oil Stop Leak to the oil, eliminating expensive engine repairs. Why? Because this specialty product contains a synthetic additive designed to make seals swell back to their original size and regain as-new pliability. Improves engine performance by enhancing motor compression

Stops and prevents oil leakages through seals

Makes seals swell back to original size and regain all-new pliability

Improves engine performance by enhancing compression

Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 and Motor Oil Treatment + Teflon®
Effective long-term protection of your engine

As Engines begin to age they require additional protection. AUTOLEUM’s motor oil treatments are formulated to provide high stress engine lubrication in today’s engines. Submicron sized particles guarantee lubrication during cold starts and in case of emergencies ensuring optimal performance. By forming a high load-bearing lubricating film on all friction and sliding surfaces inside the engine the oil treatments significantly reduces friction and wear.


  • Significantly reduces friction and wear prolonging engine lifetime

  • Selected additives improve fuel economy and provide effective long term protection of your engine

  • Improves viscosity of the oil and restores engine power and performance


Ceramic Engine Protector
Superior performance even under the most extreme conditions

A unique new generation multi-functional ceramic engine oil additive with superior and unrivalled performance, even under the most extreme conditions. Its highly effective particles form a solid and unequalled lubricating film on the most critical and wear-sensitive parts of the engine. In addition, its shear-stable polymers, antioxidants, detergents and corrosion inhibitors restore your engine oil viscosity and performance. This results in high performance lubrication and improved oil viscosity while significantly reducing friction and wear, ensuring a rapid heat transfer and preventing metal to metal contact in extreme conditions. In other words: you are protecting your engine, prolonging engine lifetime, Reducing fuel and oil consumption and restoring engine power and performance! This highly effective product retains its properties and effectiveness up to 50,000 km. This top tier AUTOLEUM product protects your engine at the best possible level money can buy.

  • Provides long term protection of your engine prolonging engine lifetime

  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption as well as maintenance cost

  • Restores engine power and performance

  • Protects the environment by reducing emission of hazardous exhaust gases


For all gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbo chargers. Compatible with all mineral, semi synthetic and full synthetic motor oils.

Radiator Sealer and Conditioner
Stops leaks in seconds

Unless quickly detected, cooling system leaks can prove very expensive. This is why we have developed AUTOLEUM radiator sealer and conditioner, as a superbly effective, yet low-cost method of permanently and reliably sealing all types of cooling system leaks and greater concentration of 70% coolant. With a highly effective natural component and an advanced leak-sealing agent dispersed in a corrosion-inhibiting liquid, the product makes fast and effective repairs while lubricating the water pump. As Top up for the cooling system working as coolant and anti freeze  or each time the radiator is flushed as a preventive measure.

  • Permanently and reliably seals within seconds hair cracks and leakages up to 0.9mm in the entire cooling system.

  • Protects the cooling system against rust or corrosion

  • Lubricates the water pump

  • As top ups for coolant with 70% concentration keeping radiator cooled at all times

Radiator Cleaner
Promotes optimum cooling efficiency

Contaminants in a cooling system do not only interfere with its efficiency, they can actively cause corrosion and overheating. It is therefore important to ensure that the system is regularly flushed with an effective cleaning agent like AUTOLEUM Radiator Cleaner. This powerful formula is designed to quickly emulsify oil, scum, sludge and other deposits and to remove loose rust and scale, preventing buildup of acids. AUTOLEUM Radiator Cleaner improves heat transfer and allows the coolant to do a better job of protecting vital engine parts.

  • Effectively cleans the entire cooling system and removes sludge, rust, scales and other deposits

  • Improves the heat transfer from engine to cooling system and prevents overheating

  • Does not harm rubber hoses, metals parts and gaskets


Suitable for all aluminum, plastic and steel radiators filled with water and cooling fluids

Multi Spray A-40

Effectively cleans parts from dirt, grime and grease while simultaneously lubricating and loosening locked, rusted and corroded parts with its effective penetrating power. Resistant to hot, cold and salt water.

Starting Fluid Spray

Enables quick starting of petrol and diesel engines. Easily applicable and especially effective with cold starts during cold or wet seasons, preventing carburetors from freezing.

Total Engine Conditioner

A unique and very effective high grade product for cleaning and complete internal combustion system of gasoline engines without the need for disassembly. Cleans valves, injectors, pistons, piston rings, intake manifold and carburetor. Reduces the emission of hazardous exhaust gases by dissolving carbon deposits and lacquer-like compounds, improving combustion thus guaranteeing optimum engine condition and performance.


White Grease + PTFE

Universally applicable non dripping and non hardening grease with excellent long term lubricating properties due to its PTFE content. Performs under severe conditions and protects well even in wet, saline, acidic and alkaline environments. Water and heat resistant.


Silicone Spray

Protects and conditions all plastic, rubber and metal parts with excellent lubricating qualities leaving a clean, grease free, non-hardening lubricating film. Excellent high temperature resistance, water-repellent, protecting and isolating all electric contacts from moisture.

Rapid Cleaner Spray

Effectively cleans brake parts and Engine components exhibiting a considerable dirt and grease dissolving high penetrating power, removing even hardened lubricants. Environmentally friendly, quick drying, leaving no residue.


Brake Cleaner Spray

Highly active cleaner with intensive cleansing power effectively removes contaminants like oil, grease, salts, brake fluid and street grime from brake parts, couplings, gear boxes, engine components, etc. Special detergents dissolve even crusted, corroded and hardened dirt prevents brake squeaking. Dries quickly, precisely and secure leaving absolutely no residue.


Carburetor Cleaner Spray

Removes oil, grease and fuel residues quickly and effectively while simultaneously lubricating all previously cleansed moving parts. Through its specially formulated blend dries quickly, precisely and secure leaving absolutely no residue.


Cockpit Spray

Cleans and protects synthetic parts from drying out preventing discoloration, fading and cracking, restoring the new car look with long lasting results. Contains no silicone, is water repellant and anti-static to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt.

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